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Best of Show, Quilts #318 “Reborn,” Molly Hamilton-McNally
Sponsored by Valley Veterinarians

Best of Show, Wall Quilts #454 “Jars of Clay,” Sharon Schlotzhauer
Sponsored by Kings River Quilt Guild

Best Hand Quilting #527 “Remembering Joan,” CeCe Westerfield
Sponsored by Nancy Rink Designs

Best Domestic Machine Quilting #346 “Really 'Wild' Flowers! Third Season,” Sharon Schlotzhauer
Sponsored by Thimble Towne

Loretta White Memorial Award for Best Custom Long Arm Quilting #212 “Kabuki Show,” Sandra Clark
Sponsored by Dyanne Cox

Best Computer Assisted Quilting #239 “Vintage Rose,” Kathy Koga
Sponsored by Thimble Towne

Best Hand Applique #254 “Alida's Village” Pat Rosander
Sponsored by Porterville Quilters

Best Machine Applique #343 “Ring Around the Rosie,” Pat Robertson
Sponsored by Calico Mermaid

Best Use of Embellishment #408 “Pieces of My Heart,” Chris Chapman
Sponsored by Karen Ervin

Best Use of Color #461 “Leave It To Fall,” Cindy Thompson
Sponsored by Valley Oak Quilt Guild

Outstanding Art Quilt #523 “Colorado Country: lake Dillon,” Sharon Schlotzhauer
Sponsored by Charlotte Rogers

Best Machine Embroidery #463 “Magical,” Debbie Van Fossen
Sponsored by Calico Mermaid

Outstanding First Time Entry #458 “Home Sweet Home,” Krystina Steed
Sponsored by Calico Mermaid

Most Memorable Quilt #411 “Tears for Santa Rosa,” Alice Chitwood
Sponsored by Bobbi Moore

Navy/Marine Corps Special Award of Merit #438 “Evening Stars,” Diane Mitchell
Sponsored by Van & Lynn Guritz

Celebrating Agriculture #424 “Tartan Highlands,” Suzanne Kistler
Sponsored by Kausen Farms

Celebrating Tradition #218 “New House on the Block,” Barbara Daniel
Sponsored by Dr. Ted Sobieralski

Grandpa's Choice #311 “Mason's Puppy,” Karen Ervin
Sponsored by Dr. Ted Sobieralski

Chairman's Special Merit #448 “Country Chicks Go To Town,” Sue Rowell
Sponsored by Suzanne Kistler

NACQJ Award of Merit #204 Feathered Nights,” Karen Blount and Eileen Paine
Sponsored by NACQJ

Judges Choice – Linda Rasmussen #302 “Mary and Tony's Memories,” Felomena Barcellos
Sponsored by Orange Blossom Quilters

Judges Choice – Andi Perejda #301 “My Family Civil War Quilt,” Shannon Banks
Sponsored by Orange Blossom Quilters

Viewer's Choice, Quilts - # 256 “Tangle Falls,” Linda Schmidt
Sponsored by Common Threads Quilt Guild

Viewer's Choice, Dolls - #D16 “Steampunk Gentleman,” by Jill Brinkman
Sponsored by Doll Emmas

Viewer's Choice Challenge, BOS - #009, “A Snapshot in My Mind,” Leslie Sobieralski
Sponsored by Sierra Fiber Arts

1st Place - #002 - “The Barn on 198,” by DeAnn Farris
2nd Place - #008 - “Super Moon 2017,” by Charlotte Rogers
3rd Place - #003, “Snapshot of the Valley – The Pier Fire,” by Rebecca Haley

Viewer' Choice 80 and older, BOS - #704 “Paradise in Bloom,” Norma Coombs
Sponsored by Jim Parsley Insurance

1st Place - #705 “Asian Song,” Norma Coombs
2nd Place - #712 “Climbing Jacob's Ladder,” Elaine Short
3rd Place - #703 “Glacier Star,” Norma Coombs

Viewer' Choice under 18, BOS - #001 “Starburst,” Tiffany Brown
Sponsored by Friends and Family of Carol Lapham-Bartlett

Place Winners Sponsored by Mary Jane Loya
1st Place - #006 “Spring Fling Quilt,” Gianna Warmerdam
2nd Place - #005 “Grandma lenore's Quilt,” Isabella Popp
3rd Place = #003 “My First Quilt,” Amelia LeGette

Large Quilts, Pieced, Traditional
Sponsored by Les White
1st #262 “Campfires,” Kathryn Veltkamp
2nd #222 “Burgoyne Surrounded,” Janice Gerdts
3rd #264 “Scallops and Cheddar,” CeCe Westerfield
HM #261 'Welcome Home,” Debbie Van Fossen
HM #257 “My Happy Quilt,” Sharon Schlota
HM #242 “Happy Scrappy,” Linda Matthews

Large Quilts, Pieced, Modern/Innovative
Sponsored by Cotton Patch Quilt Guild
1st #263 “Black Tie Affair,” CeCe Westerfield
2nd #265 “For Brian,' Sandra G. Woods
3rd #228 “The Broken Prism,” Rebecca Haley
HM #226 “Spring Daffodiles,” Lynn Guritz
HM #208 “untitled,” Joyce Castro
HM #237 “Follow Me,” Kirstie Kampen

Small Quilts, Pieced, Traditional
Sponsored by Elaine Short
1st #352 “Fans and Pinwheels,' Kathryn Veltkamp
2nd #314 “Lady in Red,” Lori Garcia
3rd #309 “Untitled,” Carolyn Cardoza
HM #310 “Daisy Do Quilt,” Fran David
HM #351 'hearts Desire,” Debbie Van Fossen
HM #348 “Pineapples for Halloween,” Barbara Sindlinger

Small Quilts, Pieced, Modern/Innovative
1st #313 “Good Vibrations,” DeAnn Farris
2nd #345 “Spring Fling,” Diane L. Ruby
3rd #315 “Madison Square,” Rebecca A. Haley
HM #323 “The Hood,” Kathy Koga
HM #353 “Fox of Plaid,” Felicity Watson
HM #316 “Michael Miller Challenge,” Rebecca A. Haley

Wall Quilts, Pieced
1st #420 “Scarlet Von Coven,” Darla H. Hall
2nd #410 “Almost Modern,” Alice Chitwood
3rd #445 “The Long Road Home,” Charlotte Rogers
HM #425 “Carrots,” Anna L. Koelewyn
HM #426 “Stuffed Suit,” Anna L. Koelewyn
HM #415 “Carolina Lily,” Janna Fisher
HM #450 “Star Quilt,” Patricia Ruettgers

Wall Quilts, Pictorial, Landscape
Sponsored by Rose Johnson
1st #456 “Tico Rocks,” Linda L. Schmidt
2nd #428 “Mighty Oak,” Kay Laswell
3rd #462 “Maine River,” Cindy Thompson
HM #432 “Save the Quercus Suber and its Fauna,” Sue Marcotte

Wall Quilts, Pictorial, Other than Landscape
Sponsored by Kings River Quilt Guild
1st #407 “Barn Window,” Laurie Britt
2nd #436 “Grandad's Truck,' Janice l. Minyard
3rd #455 “The Thinker,” Linda S. Schmidt
HM #427 “Crazy Kat,” Kay Laswell

Mini Quilts, Landscape
Sponsored by DeAnn Farris
1st #514 “Seni Indonesia II,” Sue A. Marcotte
2nd #513 “Three Freds Fishing,” Kay Laswell
3rd #526 “Marigold Garden,” Felicity Watson
HM #505 “A Cold Winter's Day,' Carmen Friesen
HM #511 “Sail Away,” Suzanne Kistler

Mini Quilts, Portrait
Sponsored by Carole Dulitz
1st #509 “Face,” Rebecca A. Haley
2nd #510 “The Hound, The Human, and The Hammock,” Sallie Holden
3rd #516 “El Jefe,” Carol A. Mercer
HM #507 “Tessie,” Carmen Friesen
HM #506 “Gracie,” Carmen Friesen
HM #519 “Nancy's Irises,” Eva Nipp

Mini Quilts, Other
Sponsored by Linda Matthews
1st #503 “Buttermilk Basin,” Fran David
2nd #502 “Rusted Treasure,” Barbara Daniel
3rd #521 “P is for Peters,” Nancy A. Peters
HM #520 “Happy Birthday,” Nancy A. Peters
HM #517 “Linen and Lace,” Carol A. Mercer

All Sizes, Mixed Techniques
Sponsored by Phyllis Ogden
1st #260 “All Dressed Up for Sue,” Debbie Van Fossen
2nd #429 “Curse of the Golden Flower,” Janice McCord
3rd #347 “My Pumpkin Patch,” Barbara Sindlinger
HM #258 “Climbing Jacob's Ladder,” Elaine Short

All Sizes, Hand Applique
Sponsored by Karen Ervin
1st #422 “Passion of My Childhood,” Celia Ho
2nd #413 “Asian Song,” Norma Coombs
3rd #416 “A Nighttime Garden,” Judie Fleming
HM #444 “Wooly Sampler” Pat Robertson

All Sizes, Machine Applique
1st #256 “Tangle Falls,” Linda S. Schmidt
2nd #412 “Colorful Rhapsody,” Laura Coombs
3rd #229 “1320 Hexies Quilt,” Darla H. Hall
HM #446 “The Wayward Wind,” Charlotte Rogers
HM #417 “Little Monster: Our Bookshelf Cat,” Carmen Friesen

All Sizes, Kit Quilts
Sponsored by Peterson Farms
1st #225 “Saturday Soiree,” Betty Gomes
2nd #246 “Words to Live By,' Jane E. Mulligan
3rd #221 “Primitive Garden,” Karen N. Fitzsimmons
HM #464 “3 Bees,” Debbie Van Fossen
HM #439 “Simple Whatnots,” Jane E. Mulligan

All Sizes, Niemeyer Quilts
Sponsored by Cotton Patch Quilt Guild
1st #317 “Vintage Rose,” Dyna L. Hall
2nd #216 “Paradise in Bloom,' Norma Coombs
3rd #215 “Glacier Star,” Norma Coombs
HM #238 “Blue Clamshell,” Kathy Koga
HM #240 “No Name,” Maureen McDonald

All Sizes, Group Quilts
Sponsored by Cotton Patch Quilt Guild
1st #209 “Vintage Beauty,” Porterville Quilters
2nd #349 “Meux Home,” Carol Summers
3rd #204 “Feathered Nights,” Karen O. Blount
HM #230 “Feathers,” Darla Hall
HM #402 “Tribute to Muriel,” Shannon D. Banks

All Sizes, Other
Sponsored by Peterson Farms
1st #308 “From the Garden,” Juanita Cairns
2nd #437 “Red Whole Cloth,” Janice L. Minyard
3rd #442 “Simple Charm,” Nancy A. Peters
HM #322 “Rosalita,” Kathy Koga
HM #354 “Freda,' Sandra G. Woods