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Best of Show, Quilts, sponsored by Valley Veterinarians - #307 “Kiku”  Sandy Clark

Best of Show, Wall Quilts, sponsored by Kings River Quilt Guild - #445 “Wild Flower Fiesta” Sharon L. Schlotzhauer

Best Hand Quilting, sponsored by Nancy Rink Designs - #239 Emerald Star” Ellen Riley

Best Domestic Machine Quilting, sponsored by Thimble Towne - #251 “Twisted Roses” Debbie VanFossen

Loretta White Memorial Award for Custom LongArm Quilting, sponsored by Dyanne Cox - #213 “Stars and Stripes” Lori D. Garcia

Best Computer-Assisted LongArm Quilting, sponsored by Thimble Towne - #210 “Fire and Ice” DeAnn Farris

Best Hand Applique, sponsored by Porterville Quilters- #306 “Valley Blossoms” Central Valley Blossoms Quilters

Best Machine Applique, sponsored by Calico Mermaid - #352 “Garden Party” Kathy Veltkamp

Best Machine Embroidery, sponsored by Calico Mermaid - #436 “9 Fabrics, 9 Blocks” Janice Minyard

Best Use of Color, sponsored by Valley Oak Quilt Guild - #220 “Fire Island Hosta” Kathy Koga

Best Use of Embellishment, sponsored by Karen Ervin - #417 “Quiet Lady” Rebecca A. Haley

Outstanding Art Quilt, sponsored by Charlotte Rogers - #507 “Confetti Naturescape” Beverly Cressey

Outstanding First Time Entrant, sponsored by Quilter's Paradise - #452 “Floral Frida” Cindy Thompson

Judge's Choice, Judy Taylor, sponsored by Orange Blossom Quilters - #215 “Log Cabin Blessings” Judy Halversen

Judge's Choice, Diane Pitchford, sponsored by Orange Blossom Quilters - #331 “Rabbits Over the Moon” Janice Simmons

Most Memorable Quilt, sponsored by Bobbi Moore - #202 “Mamma's Memories” Felomena Barcellos

Celebrating Tradition, sponsored by Dr. & Mrs. Ted Sobieralski - #229 - “Playtime” Carol Mercer

Grandpa's Choice, sponsored by Dr. & Mrs. Ted Sobieralski - #325 “I Wanna Dwive It” Ellen Riley

Chairman's Special Merit Award, sponsored by Suzanne Kistler- #326 “Ladybug Paradise” Ellen Riley

Viewer's Choice, Quilt, sponsored by Common Threads Quilt Guild - #217 “Bali Wedding Star” Lynda Hicks

Viewer's Choice, Dolls, sponsored by Doll Emmas - #D8 “Novel Nora” Susan Bellamy

Viewer's Choice, Challenge, BOS, sponsored by Sierra Fiber Arts - #Ch-02 “A River Runs Through” Rebecca Haley

            Challenge, 1st - “Tule Fog With Hint of Sky” Sallie Holden
            Challenge, 2nd - “Thank You Farmers” DeAnn Farris
            Challenge, 3rd - “Hot Topic” Linda Matthews

Viewer's Choice, Over 80, sponsored by Jim Parsley Insurance - #703 “Beautiful Bounty” Barbara Haggard

            Over 80, 1st - #707 “Grandpa's Bridges” Helen Landeros
            Over 80, 2nd - #704 “Tea in the Garden” Barbara Haggard
            Over 80, 3rd - #709 “Sue's Garden” Elaine Short

Viewer's Choice, Under 18 sponsored by Carol Lapham Bartlett- #601 “Enchanted Wonky” Raine Palomino

            Under 18, 1st , sponsored by Mary Jane Loya - #602 “Blue Rain” Emma Petersen

Judy Niemeyer Quilts – sponsored by Cotton Patch Quilt Guild

            1st  #212  “Sarah's Rings”  Lori D. Garcia
            2nd #221  “Paradise in Bloom”  Kathy Koga
            3rd #201  “Golden Starburst”  Ku'ulei Arredondo
            HM #219  “Sailor's Delight”  Elise Kabchef

Quilts Made From Kits – sponsored by Peterson Farms

            1st   #235  “Autumn Gathering”  Cheryl Parsley
            2nd  #312  “Poinsettias de Noel”  Betty Gomes
            3rd  #320  “Gingerbread Village”  Gayle Machado
            HM  #244  “Joy”  Jeannie Sisco
            HM  #335  “Trellis”  Phyllis J. Taylor

Group Quilts – sponsored by Cotton Patch Quilt Guild

            1st  #254  “One Flew the Coop”  CeCe Westerfield
            2nd #238  “Bloomin Butterflies”  Quilters Anonymous
            3rd  #333  “Lucky Charms”  Carol E. Smith

Embroidered Quilts – sponsored by Duda Farm Fresh Foods

            1st   #250  “Snowman Parade”  Debbie Van Fossen
            2nd  #441  “Sugar and Spice”  Diane Ruby
            3rd  #256  “Red Sue”  Mary Ann Wlaschin
            HM  #313  “Tea in the Garden”  Barbara Haggard
            HM  #324  “Barns and Bridges”  Lor-Rae and Sally Scholz

Large/Small Quilts, Applique – sponsored by The Applique Society

            1st  #208  “He Gives the Increase”  Barbara A. Daniel
            2nd  #246  “Marbles for Mom”  Carol E. Smith
            3rd  #214  “Beautiful Bounty”  Barbara Haggard

Large Quilts, Pieced, Hand Guided Quilting – sponsored by Les White

            1st  #240  “Mill Brook Crossing”  Patricia Robertson
            2nd  #231  “Stars and Feathers”  Janice Minyard
            3rd  #232  “Metro Waves”  Kathleen A. Morrison

Large Quilts, Pieced, Computer-Assisted  Quilted – sponsored by Cotton Patch Quilt Guild

            1st   #248  “Blue Rhapsody”  Randy J. Speckman
            2nd  #247  “Pinwheel Garden”  Carol E. Smith
            3rd  #206  “2016 Theme Quilt”  Carolyn Cardoza
            HM  #211  “Indian Princess”  DeAnn Farris
            HM  #249  “Easy Street”  Phyllis J. Taylor

Large Quilts, Mixed Techniques – sponsored by Calico Mermaid

            1st  #209  “Autumn Glory”  Karen Ervin
            2nd  #203  “Christmas Tree Quilt”  Ginna Bearden
            3rd  #243  “Stack n Whack Circles”  Barbara Sindlinger
            HM  #207  “A Night in Africa”  Sharon Carter
            HM  #218  “A New Age Plus”  Ann Hinman
            HM  #228  “Nutcrackers for Rosey”  Gayle Machado

Small Quilts, Pieced, Traditional – sponsored by Elaine Short

            1st   #311  “Antique Etoiles”  Cindy Gagne
            2nd  #327  “Diamond Ring”  Patricia Robertson
            3rd  #303  “1800's Squirrel in a Cage”  Carolyn Cardoza
            HM  #328  “Blue Danube”  Diane Ruby
            HM  #334  “Fall Harvest”  Phyllis J. Taylor

Small Quilts, Pieced, Innovative/Modern – sponsored by Carol Lapham Bartlett

            1st   #305  “Serenity 9”  Early Lights”  Sharon R. Casey
            2nd  #321  “Kaleidoscope”  Janice Minyard
            3rd  #309  “Japanese Splendor”  Beverly Cressey
            HM  #304  “Deep Purple”  Sharon R. Casey
            HM  #322  “Whirly Gig”  Diane L. Mitchell

Small/Wall Quilts, Mixed Techniques – sponsored by Phyllis Ogden

            1st  #339  “Creamsicle”  CeCe Westerfield
            2nd #336  “Cozy Christmas”  Debbie Van Fossen
            3rd  #302  “Berry Basket”  Carolyn Campbell-Taylor
            HM  #330  “Sue's Garden”  Elaine Short

Wall Quilts, Pieced, Traditional – sponsored by Kings River Quilt Guild

            1st  #449  “Stardust”  Carol E. Smith
            2nd #448  “Disappearing Dresden”  Carol E. Smith
            3rd  #442  “Summer's End”  Diane Ruby
            HM  #418  “Still Waiting”  Mary Jo Henry
            HM  #454  “Red, White and Blue Thru and Thru”  CeCe Westerfield
            HM  #455  “Broken Dishes in Cheddar”  CeCe Westerfield

Wall Quilts, Pieced Modern/Innovative – sponsored by Kings River Quilt Guild

            1st  #438  “River Canyon”  Charlotte Rogers
            2nd #426  “Trapped”  Patricia E. Lambourne
            3rd  #452  “Trees”  Debbie Van Fossen
            HM  #410  “Serenity 1:  Oasis”  Sharon R. Casey
            HM  #411  “Serenity 8:  Fiesta”  Sharon R. Casey
            HM  #424  “Hanging By a Thread”  Suzanne Kistler

Wall Quilts, Pictorial, Landscape – sponsored by Rose Johnson

            1st  #451  “The Crown of Our Lady of Guadalupe”  Cindy Thompson
            2nd  #447  “California Redwood”  Linda Sloan
            3rd  #429  “Poppies”  Kay Laswell
            HM  #402  “Hollywood”  Juanita A. Blumberg
            HM  #415  “The Bridge”  Barbara Haggard
            HM  #423  “By the Sea”  Suzanne Kistler

Wall Quilts, Pictorial, Floral – sponsored by Kings River Quilt Guild and Karen Ervin

            1st    #444  “Just Taking a Break”  Carole Sansome
            2nd    #430  “Field Flowers”  Kay Laswell
            3rd    #432  “Wild Flowers, Wild Garden”  Sue Marcotte
            HM  #427  “Wild in Montana”  Mary Landon
            HM  #435  “Zinnias of the Valley”  Kathryn Miller

Wall Quilts, Pictorial, Other – sponsored by Kings River Quilt Guild

            1st    #416  “Mother and Daughter”  Rebecca A. Haley
            2nd    #405  “The Wolf”  Patricia D. Brown
            3rd    #407  “Bun Bun”  Juanita Cairns
            HM  #413  “Stitched Peacocks”  Diane Gilmartin

Mini Art Quilts, Abstract – sponsored by Carole Dulitz

            1st     #523  “Flights of Fantasy”  Beth Shaffer
            2nd    #506  “Serenity 3:  Deep Blue Sea”  Sharon R. Casey
            3rd     #513  “Broken Tulips”  Franki Kohler
            HM  #505  “Bookcase”  Sharon R. Casey
            HM  #514  “Going in Circles”  Franki Kohler
            HM  #519  “Study in Green II”  Charlotte Rogers

Mini Art Quilts, “On Vacation” - sponsored by DeAnn Farris

            1st    #521  “Colorado Balloon Classic II”  Sharon L. Schlotzhauer
            2nd    #503  “Underwater Evening”  Ginna Beardon
            3rd    #511  “Kelp”  Suzanne Kistler
            HM  #502  “Happy Sky Above Florence”  Ginna Bearden
            HM  #510  “Another Sunset”  Suzanne Kistler

Mini Art Quilts, Other – sponsored by Linda Matthews

            1st  #504  “Trumpet Vine”  Juanita Cairns
            2nd  #508  “Yum!”  DeAnn Farris
            3rd  #515  “Precious Metals II”  Franki L. Kohler
            HM  #512  “Wheel of Color”  Suzanne Kistler
            HM  #522  “Quilt By Candlelight”  Sharon L. Schlotzhauer