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Judging Results – BOTV 2022

Best of Show, Large Quilts
Sponsored by Valley Veterinarians
#250 “Radiant Star,” by Diane Mitchell

Best of Show, Small Quilts
Sponsored by Dr. Pete Kistler
#358 “Here’s Looking at You Kid,” by Rosillis Rosario

Best of Show, Wall Quilts
Sponsored by Kings River Quilt Guild
#432 “Dad’s Rooster,” by Rebecca Haley

Judge’s Choice, Cindy Erickson
Sponsored by Orange Blossom Quilters
#482 “Moving in Different Circles,” by Sharon L. Schlotzhauer

Judge’s Choice, Cindy Seitz-Krug
Sponsored by Orange Blossom Quilters
#441 “Day’s End,” by Suzanne Kistler

Best Hand Quilting
Sponsored by Nancy Rink Designs
#424  “Ocean Waves,” by Judie Fleming

Best Hand Appliqué
Sponsored by Porterville Quilters
#308 “Field of Flowers,” by Norma Coombs

Best Machine Appliqué
Sponsored by Calico Mermaid
#309  “Touch of Hawaii,” by Norma Coombs

Best Embroidery
Sponsored by Calico Mermaid
#302  “The Little Things,” by Carolyn Cardoza

Best Domestic Machine Quilting
Sponsored by Greg’s Xpress Car Wash
#369 “Find the Frog,” by Carol E. Smith

Best Computer-Assisted LongArm Quilting
Sponsored by Greg’s Xpress Oil Change
#301  “Feathered Friends,” by Carolyn Cardoza

Loretta White Memorial Best Custom LongArm Quilting
Sponsored by Dyanne Cox
#338   “Carnivalle,” by Dena Miskel

Best Use of Color
Sponsored by Valley Oak Quilt Guild
#321  “Color My World,” by Dawn Haldeman

Outstanding Art Quilt
Sponsored by Charlotte Rogers
#413 “Ted’s 1919 Ford Model Tt,” by Barbara Daniel

Best Use of Embellishment
Sponsored by Karen Ervin
#499b “We Are One,” by Georgia Williams

Outstanding First Time Entrant
Sponsored by Calico Mermaid
#247 “Flower Pots,” by Dena Miskel

Most Memorable Quilt
Sponsored by Bobbi Moore
#310 “Route 66 Memories,” by Barbara Daniel

Navy Marine Corps Award of Excellence
Sponsored by Van & Lynn Guritz
#218 “Spangled Stars,” by Darla Hall

Chairman’s Special Merit
Sponsored by Suzanne Kistler
#458  “Guatemalan Weavers,” by Joanie Martin

Celebrating Tradition
Sponsored by Dr. Ted Sobieralski
#215  “Twinkling Stars,” by Janice Gerdts

Grandpa’s Choice
Sponsored by Dr. Ted Sobieralski
#353  “Just Ducky,” by Linda Paredez

Viewer’s Choice, Quilts
Sponsored by Common Threads Quilt Guild
#318  “Sierra to the Sea,” by Deborah Gira

Viewer’s Choice, Dolls
Sponsored by Doll Emmas Cloth Doll Club
“Charlotte & Felix go to Flower Market,” by Leslie Sobieralski

BOTV Challenge “Celebration!”
Sponsored by Anonymous
Viewer’s Choice, BOS:  “Season of Celebration,” by Diane Ruby

First: “Postcards from Japan – Mt. Fuji,” by Lori Fay
Second:  “Faces,” by Dena Miskel
Third:  “Mardi Gras Celebration,” by Rebecca Haley

Quilts by Quilters 80 and Older
Sponsored by Jim Parsley Insurance
Viewer’s Choice, BOS “Crazy Quilt” by Judie Fleming

First:  # 809 “Sedona Trails,” by Doris Pyland
Second:  #804 “Anniversary Celebration,” by Norma Coombs
Third:  #801  “Lady of the Lake,” by Nanette Blumer

Viewer’s Choice Quilts by Quilters Under 18
Viewer’s Choice, BOS, sponsored by the Family of Carol Lapham-Bartlett
“Hexi Hi,” by Tiffany Brown


Viewer’s Choice Place Winners sponsored by Mary Jane Loya

First:  “Into the Coral Reef,” by Audrey Fletcher
Second:  “Rainbow Pie,” by Genevieve Holden-Rankin
Third:  “North American Wildlife,” by Devin Fleming


Large Quilts, Pieced, Traditional sponsored by Les White

First:  #268 “A Plethora of Stars,” by CeCe Westerfield
Second:  #227  “Diamonds Take Forever,” by Patrice Lambourne
Third:  #242 “Ringo Lake,” by Janice Minyard
HM:  #257  “Jeanne’s Log Cabin,” by Sharon Scholta
HM:  #244  “All My Exes,” by Dena Miskel
HM:  #264  “Hexie Kisses,” by Kathy Veltkamp

Large Quilts, Pieced, Innovative sponsored by Cotton Patch Quilt Guild

First:  #216  “Pretty Birds,” by Tanya Good
Second:  #205  “Star Rider,” by Sharon Casey
Third:  #234  “Shades of Blue,” by Suzanne McVicker
HM:  #239  “Tenderized Wheel,” by Carol A. Mercer

Large Quilts, Paper Pieced sponsored by Cotton Patch Quilt Guild

First:  #245  “Atomic Kaffe,” by Dena Miskel 
Second:  #207 “Golden Wine Time,” by Laura Coombs
Third:  #210  “Summer Sunset,” by Sharon Engel
HM:  #208  “Double Dahlia with a Touch of Sunshine,” by Norma Coombs
HM:  #204  “Roses are Red,” by Carolyn Campbell-Taylor 
HM:  #246  “Wild Thing,” by Dena Miskel

Large Quilts, Mixed Techniques sponsored by Peterson Farms

First:  #259  “My Remember Red,” by Leslie Sobieralski
Second:  #248  “Birds and Blooms,” by Diane Mitchell
Third:  #255  “Arizona Memories 2020-2021,” by Patricia Robertson
HM:  #215  “Twinkling Stars,” by Janice Gerdts
HM:  #214  “Mackinac Memories,” by Judie Fleming
HM:  #266  “Irish Chain with Bridges,” by Hiley Wallis

Large Quilts, Kits sponsored by Peterson Farms

First:  #212  “Words to Live By,” by Karin Fitzsimons
Second:  #217  “Dream Flight,” by Dawn Haldeman
Third:  #209  “Nebula,” by Gail Cosart
HM:  #241  “In My Garden,” by Janice Minyard
HM:  #261  “Sew in Love,” by Linda Stone

Large/Small Quilts, Appliqué sponsored by Molly Hamilton-McNally

First:  #256 “Twelve Month Splendor,” by Rosillis Rosario
Second:  #342  “Mom Bakes,” by Diane Mitchell
Third:  #359  “Merci la Vie,” by Diane Ruby
HM:  #316  “Baltimore Bunnies,” by Carmen Friesen
HM:  #265  “The Reel,” by Kathy Veltkamp

Group Quilts, All Sizes sponsored by Cotton Patch Quilt Guild

First:  #330 “Spirit of Giving,” by Barbara Lewis and Ventura Modern Quilt Guild
Second:  #485  “Gordy’s 67 Chevy Truck,” by Sally Shuppert and Laurie Britt
Third:  #385 “Warm Regards” by CeCe Westerfield & friends
HM:  #372  “Patriotic Cabins,” by Leslie Sobieralski & Friends
HM:  #251  “Snow Days,” by Judy Gagnebin & Teresa Orr
HM:  #357  “Designs by Nature,” by Suellen McRiley Quilters

Small Quilts, Pieced, Traditional sponsored by Suzanne McVicker in memory of Phyllis Ogden

First:  #383  “Silk Ties,” by Kathy Veltkamp
Second:  #380  “Make a Wish,” by Debbie Van Fossen
Third:  #314  “Sunflowers Surprise,” by DeAnn Farris
HM:  #356  “Carley’s Quilt,” by Ellen Riley
HM:  #364  “Sunshine on a Covid Day,” by Beth Shaffer
HM:  #305  “Midnight Clear,” by Joyce Castro

Small Quilts, Pieced, Innovative sponsored by Ellen Riley in memory of Phyllis Ogden

First:  #303  “Boogie Baby Grand,”  by Sharon Casey
Second:  #314  “Precarious Times,”  by Sharon Casey
Third:  #320  “Rainforest Wonder,” by Tanya Good
HM:  #371  “Zig Zag Quilt,” by Carol E. Smith
HM:  #329  “Road Trip 2017,” by Patrice Lambourne

Small Quilts, Mixed Techniques sponsored by Molly Hamilton-McNally

First:  #337  “Enchanted Garden,” by Janice Minyard
Second:  #332  “Baby Giraffe,” by Judy McDaniel
Third:  #349  “Over the River and Through the Woods,” by Teresa Orr
HM:  #342 “Lollipop,” by Diane Mitchell
HM:  #379  “Farm House,” by Debbie Van Fossen

Small/Wall Quilts, Paper Pieced

First:  #384 “Cactus Rose,” by Cee Westerfield
Second:  #322  “Vintage Compass,” by Dawn Haldeman
Third:  #326  “Cartwheel Through Wyoming,” by Patrice Lambourne
HM:  #471  “Goosefeathers,” by Ellen Riley

Small/Wall Quilts, Kits

First:  #367  “Valentines for Gordy,” by Sally Shuppert
Second:  #499c  “Summer Blooms,” by CeCe Westerfield
Third:  #375  “Super Bloom,” by Linda Stone
HM:  #306  “Hawaiian Shirt,” by Joyce Castro
HM:  #345  “Garden Jars,” by Kathleen Morrison
HM:  #361  “Sugar Plum Stocking Treats,” by Diane Ruby

Wall Quilts, Pieced

First:  #446  “Eucalyptus & Fig,” by Franki Kohler
Second:  #439  “Lovely Tea Time,” by Cari Ann Kampen
Third:  #418  “Celebration,” by DeAnn Farris
HM:  #474  “So Blue with Blocks,” by Charlotte Rogers
HM:  #429  “Embrace the Grape,” by Susan Garvin
HM:  #493  “Mammoth Mystery,” by Phyllis Taylor

Wall Quilts, Appliqué

First:  #469  “Red Bicycle,” by Judi Ratzlaff
Second:  #468  “Portrait of Jack O’ Lantern,” by Judi Ratzlaff
Third:  #427  “The Old Garden Gate,” by Carmen Friesen
HM:  #434  “Isolated Warrior,” by Rebecca Haley

Wall Quilts, Pictorial, Living Things

First:  #494  “Birds of Paradise,” by Cindy Thompson
Second:  #435  “The Painted Butterfly,” by Rebecca Haley
Third:  #433  “David’s Wasp,” by Rebecca Haley
HM:  #404  “My California:  Morro Bay Otter,” by Karen Brochier
HM:  #425  “Faith Takes a Snack Break,” by Carmen Friesen
HM:  #460   “Rosie is Riveting,” by Carol A. Mercer

Wall Quilts, Mixed Techniques sponsored by Elaine Short

First:  #409  “Grandma’s Christmas Kitchen,” by Barbara Daniel
Second:  #410  “My Wool Appliqué Quilt,” by Barbara Daniel
Third:  #438  “ Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” by Gayle Jackson
HM:  #403  “My California: Alabama Hills Incoming Storm,” by Karen Brochier
HM:  #443  “Summer Houses,” by Suzanne Kistler

Wall Quilts, Pictorial, Landscape sponsored by Rose Johnson

First:  #318  “Sierra to the Sea,” by Deborah Gira
Second:  #442  “Shalom,” by Suzanne Kistler
Third:  #470  “Denali – The Great One,” by Lor Rae Raus
HM:  #453  “Family Barn,” by Judy McDaniel
HM:  #498  “Dream Desert,” by Kathy Veltkamp

Wall Quilts, Collage sponsored by Carole Dulitz

First:  #464  “Olga Ruth,” by Cheryl Mitchell
Second:  #450  “Boot Cut Blossoms,” by Brenda McCutcheon
3rd place #430 "Milo," by Tanya P. Good
HM #473 "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish - Thank you, Dr. Seuss," by Charlotte Rogers
HM #437 "Perfect Form," by Linda Huston

Wall Quilts, Other

First:  #451  “Butterfly in Purple,” by Brenda McCutcheon
Second:  #419  “Bird Song,” by Jennifer Fisher
Third:  #462  “Imagine,” by Dena Miskel

Mini Wall Quilts, Appliqué, plus

First:  #481  “Colorado Country Roads,” by Sharon L. Schlotzhauer
Second:  #489  “House in a Field,” by Leslie Sobieralski
Third:  #431  “Emery,” Juliet Granger
HM:  #422  “Hummingbird Delight,” by Judie Fleming
HM:  #444  “Two Beauties,” by Suzanne Kistler

Mini Wall Quilts, Other sponsored by Linda Matthews

First:  #402  “Where We Live,” by Candy Boulton
Second:  #488  “Color Pop Purple,” by Leslie Sobieralski
Third:  #447  “Ginkgos in the Round,” by Franki Kohler